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Some of the new residents in our area may not be familiar with The Glen Andrew Community Association and what it does. The following is some brief insight about the Association and its function.
     The Glen Andrew Community Association has been in existence since the 1960s. Its purpose is "to promote and foster a sense of community spirit and participation in the neighbourhood". This neighbourhood refers to the area within the following boundaries: Scarborough Rapid Transit to the north; St. Andrews Road to the south; McCowan Road to the east; and Birkdale Ravine to the west. This area includes approximately 1,500 homes and 11 condominium buildings.
     The Association organizes events as well as promotes the events of other organizations in the neighbourhood.
     The Association also publishes and distributes a community newsletter three times per year. This newsletter is the means by which information is communicated to the residents in this neighbourhood. It includes relevant information which may affect or be of interest to the residents.
     We invite you to send us your comments and feedback about items included in our blog and newsletter.
     We are proud that this Association is run solely by volunteers; and we are constantly in need of new volunteers. If you can help us in any way, please contact us.

President:           Iain McLeod    416-431-0097
Secretary:           Eva D'Ornellas
Treasurer:          Tom Bozanis
To Advertise:     Dave Jackson        416-438-9846
Membership/General Enquiries/Volunteer:
                             Mike Ehlers         416-431-0097
Editor:                Gemma Gallimore










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