Thursday, April 26, 2018

Speed Limit Reductions Scarborough Centre

City Planning Staff are recommending that speed limits on roads in and around our Centre be reduced.

Here’s what they are telling our Councillors:

Vision Zero: Toronto’s Road Safety Plan identifies speed reductions as a key safety measure to reduce the occurrence of pedestrian or cyclist fatalities. Reducing the speed limit by 10 km/hr significantly improves the outcome of a pedestrian involved in a vehicle crash. Table 1 identifies proposed speeds for streets within Scarborough Centre to enhance road safety for all users and modes.

Table 1: Existing and Proposed Speeds in Scarborough Centre Street(s)
Existing Speeds
Proposed Speeds
Ellesmere Road, Markham Road, Bellamy Road, McCowan Road, Brimley Road
60 km/hr
50 km/hr
Progress Avenue, Corporate Drive, Bushby Drive
50 km/hr
40 km/hr
Proposed Local Streets
30 km/hr

Extract from Scarborough Centre Transportation Master Plan\ April 2018

This will be considered by our Councillor Glenn DeBaeremaeker and the other members of Scarborough Community Council on May 2nd.

Tell Glenn what you think:

Glenn: This is a great idea, just what we need.

Glenn: This is a horrible idea. Don't approve this.

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