Friday, November 25, 2016

TTC Relocates Work Site for Scarborough Subway

Press Release: Source: Iain McLeod, President, Glen Andrew Community association

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TTC Relocates Work Site for Scarborough Subway

This afternoon we learned that the TTC has relinquished plans to expropriate 11 homes and several  businesses in the Glen Andrew Community for the ‘work site’ associated with construction of the Scarborough Subway extension.

Instead of putting this south of Ellesmere inside the neighbourhood which would have had tremendous negative impacts on our community and on all who use the busy McCowan-Ellesmere intersection, we now understand the TTC will place the work site in the east parking lot of the Town Centre shopping mall.

 “We never could understand why anyone would first suggest destroying the Frank Faubert Woodlot for a work site and, when that was over-ruled by Toronto Council, trying to locate it inside Glen Andrew.”

“Today’s decision is the right thing for the community.  We trust the TTC engineers can make it work for them as well.”

As President I want to express my appreciation to Councillor Glenn DeBaeremaeker, our MPP, the Honourable Brad Duguid, and to our MP Salma Zahid. Members of our group worked tirelessly with all three of our elected representatives. They understood the impact that a work site south of Ellesmere would have had on the community they represent.  I’m sure they have worked on our behalf to make today’s’ announcement possible. 

Thanks as well go to the many Glen Andrew people who volunteered their time in our campaign to find a better location for the work site. 

  • Our residents volunteered to put an Open Letter to the TTC in every one of the 1,500 mailboxes in the community. 
  • We volunteered to help our neighbours in North Bendale community do the same for their 750 homes.
  • Over 400 households signed and returned our Open Letter…”Find a Better Way to Bring the Subway to our Centre”.
  • Others made and distributed signs for people’s windows, and organized public meetings with our elected representatives.
  • Others kept the news flowing on our web site, and met with the TTC-City Planning.

“It has been a real community effort and I am proud of the people of Glen Andrew.”

Iain McLeod, President, Glen Andrew Community Association. 

TTC Plan provided to property owner on Stanwell Drive Scarborough Nov 24 2016

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