Monday, February 27, 2017

Subway Update

A delegation from Glen Andrew plus a representative from Agincourt and North Bendale accepted Mayor Tory’s invitation and met with his Chief of Staff plus TTC and City Planning staff on Friday.

We continued our campaign for a station at McCowan-Lawrence for our hospital and the 36,000 people who ride the Lawrence bus every day, and for the Big Curve alignment which would keep the long term vision of a Sheppard Subway alive.

Unfortunately we made no progress with TTC-City Planning: their plans do not include a station at Lawrence. They will not curve the subway north of Ellesmere to make use of existing Scarborough Centre Station property.

The next report on the Scarborough Subway Extension will be on Executive Committee’s March 7th meeting. Click on the link below, or type it into the address bar, choose Executive Committee and then choose March 7th for the agenda.

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