Monday, February 19, 2018

No Money for Thompson and Centennial!

Submitted by: Lorne Ross

What’s wrong with these three guys?

·         Are they bitter about something?
      ·         Pressed the wrong button?
      ·         Didn’t win the apple bobbing contest in Thompson on Canada Day
      ·         Not happy about the food at Rib Fest?
      ·         Didn’t get something they wanted for their Wards?
      ·         Can’t bear to spend money

I’d love to hear their reasons for voting against this funding! Maybe they’ve never been there.

Mayor Tory has been to our Centennial-Ice Galaxy. Picture below is Glenn with Mayor Tory and Councillor Crawford [the Budget Chief] and Councillor Pasternak from North York [Chairman of the Recreation Committee]. That’s how you do it: all the key players and they all voted YES for the funding.

Mayor Tory wishes Scarborough Ice Galaxy skater Piper Gillies and Paul Poirier well before they travel to the Olympic Games in Pyeong Chang.

I swear that’s the same paint job as when my ‘little girls’ skated there and they are now Moms with their own little skaters!

Glenn gave the Mayor the whole tour: he knows what Centennial Rec Centre looks like.

Lorne Ross

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