Wednesday, February 21, 2018

No Money for Thompson and Centennial!!

Toronto Council decided how to spend our tax dollars on February 12th.

There are thousands of items in the budget from every City Department.

 Each Councillor can make motions to change things around, fund various things.

They found money for all sorts of additional things like:

·         $3 million for more tree planting and boulevard sod repair;

·         an extra $350 thousand for more rec and parks seasonal staff

·         an extra $154 thousand for the swim program

·         and so on.

Our Councillor Glenn DeBaeremaeker tried to get $790 thousand to fund improvements to Thompson Park and Centennial Recreation Centre. The Budget Chief, Councillor Crawford from Ward 36, put the motion forward.  The vote was 21 Councillors in favour and 21 Councillors opposed which means the motion was NOT approved.

In YELLOW on the Ward map and listed below are the Councillors who voted NO [against Glenn’s idea]:

Toronto-East York Councillors voting NO:

Joe Cressy      

Janet Davis

Sarah Ducette

Paula Fletcher

Josh Matlow

Mary Margaret Mahon

Gord Perks

Lucy Troisi

Kristyn Wong-Tam

North York Councillors voting NO:
Jon Burnside

Denzil Minan-Wong

Jaye Robinson

Josh Colle

David Shiner

Shelly Carroll

Etobicoke Councillors voting NO:

John Campbell

Michael Ford

Stephen Holyday

What is totally amazing is that three Scarborough Councillors voted NO:

·        Paul Ainslie

·        Jim Hart

·        Chin Lee

Submitted by: Lorne Ross

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  1. I love Thompson park, I'll do anything i can to support. thanks for the information, it is very useful.