Sunday, February 18, 2018

No Money for Thompson and Centennial!

Submitted by: Lorne Ross

From the Mayor’s Twitter Account:

"Next stop on Ward 38 tour with Deputy Mayor Glenn DeBaeremaeker has us meeting with members of Centennial Recreation Centre. Listened to suggestions of how we can make experience better for parents & children.

Way to go Glenn. Thank you Mayor Tory, and Councillors Crawford and Pasternak for getting a firsthand look at our 50 years old rec centre. Booooo to Councillors Lee, Ainslie and Hart.

If Scarborough’s Councillors do not stick together, work together, figure out what is needed in Scarborough and then work hard to get our fair share of the funding in this city, we really are doomed to come in last every time.

Lorne Ross.

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